Air Liquide and Unjani Clinics partner to improve access to oxygen for medical use in peri-urban and rural communities in South Africa

Nov 3, 2022

Air Liquide partners with Unjani Clinics to expand access to a comprehensive, sustainable solution for oxygen therapy to their network of 92 primary care clinics across South Africa. Within the framework of this agreement, Air Liquide will supply oxygen for medical use and provide training and know-how to medical staff to use the equipment, across the network of clinics. It is estimated a population of around half a million people in peri-urban and rural communities will potentially benefit from this partnership.

Unjani Clinics is a network of black women-owned and operated primary healthcare clinics that provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to communities in low income areas. Thanks to their proximity with communities, Unjani Clinics provide local holistic primary healthcare services for their patients, and in most cases eliminate the need for transfers and cost of travel to other healthcare facilities.

This partnership is being executed through Air Liquide’s subsidiary, VitalAire, a leading nationwide provider of respiratory care services and products for patients at home, both in the public and the private sectors. VitalAire’s purpose is to protect lives through innovative healthcare products, services and support.

Partnering with Unjani Clinics demonstrates Air Liquide’s commitment to supporting the Government’s national goals of driving transformation in the country through the B-BBEE policy. By facilitating broader access to oxygen for medical use in previously disadvantaged communities and contributing to the inclusive growth of the healthcare sector, particularly black women-owned clinics, Air Liquide is  making a meaningful difference in the communities that it operates in.

Natasha Naidoo, Managing Director of VitalAire South Africa: «We provide primary care facilities with the necessary oxygen equipment for the treatment of acute diseases at the clinics. In addition, we train nurses on how to use equipment and that is how we, as VitalAire, demonstrate care for patients and support communities.»

Lynda Toussaint, Unjani Clinics Managing Director: «Building expertise and empowering nurses on the use and application of oxygen therapy, not only builds capacity in their immediate environment, but contributes to South Africa’s transformation programmes on empowering young black women.»


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