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Experience the power of the Dexcom G6 CGM System

With this technology, you have the power to know your blood glucose levels and where it’s headed with ZERO fingersticks, scans or calibrations required*.

*Smartwatch for display purposes only.

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dexcom g6 applicator

Simple auto-applicator

A one-touch applicator easily inserts a small sensor just beneath the skin.

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Sensor and transmitter

A slim sensor continuously measures glucose levels just beneath the skin and sends data wirelessly to a display device through a transmitter.

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Device display

An Apple or Android compatible smart device* displays real-time glucose data. For a list of compatible smart devices, click here

Experience the power of Dexcom G6


Simple Auto-Applicator
An easy-to-use sensor applicator with one button insertion.

10 days

10 Day Wear Sensor
The slim, water resistant sensor is discreet and easy to insert.


Accurate Glucose Readings
The exceptional accuracy you need without fingersticks.


Customisable Alerts & Alarms Set your range and get notifications when you’re high or low.


Share your data
Share your glucose data with up to 10 followers.


Indicated for 2 years and older
The Dexcom G6 is approved for use in ages 2 years and older including pregnant women.

Zero Fingersticks

With the Dexcom G6® CGM System, you’ll be alerted directly on your compatible smart device when your blood glucose levels are heading too high or too low. Alerts and alarm sounds can also be customized to appear as an app notification, allowing for additional discretion and privacy.

*If your glucose alerts and readings from the G6 do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions.


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Glucose readings on your smart device

With just a quick glance at your smart device*, see where your glucose levels are heading and how fast they’re getting there, so you can take action.

*For a list of compatible smart devices, visit

smartwatch and dexcom g6 app

HbA1c reduction.

Dexcom CGM is clinically proven to lower HbA1c and reduce hypoglycaemic incidents*.


Alerts and Alarms Customising your Dexcom CGM Experience

With Dexcom CGM, you have the power to customize your alerts so you always know when you’re heading high or low.

At times, glucose levels fall quickly. The new Urgent Low Soon alert with G6 is designed to notify you when your reading is likely to reach 3.1 mmol/L within 20 minutes so you can act quickly to prevent a low.

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device settings

Do you want to be allerted differently during the day than at night time or the weekends.

The new G6 Alert Schedule allows you to customize a second group of alerts to provide you with the flexibility you need for your busy life.

Share your glucose data with Dexcom Follow

Stay connected in real-time to your circle of support with the Dexcom Follow® App.

To get started with sharing your glucose data, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Enable the Share feature from your G6 App
2. Invite up to 10 people to Follow you
3. Followers will only need to download the Follow App and have an internet connection


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Dexcom Clarity

Track your G6 blood glucose levels over time – no matter where you are with Dexcom CLARITY – our cloud-based reporting system. See your CGM trends and patterns and share them with your healthcare provider to help you better manage your diabetes.

dexcom clarity

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