Refund and Returns Policy

There is a strict no-returns or refund policy on all VitalAire products and consumables.


No returns or refunds of class C and D regulated Medical Devices will be accepted as per regulations set out in the Medicines and Substance-Related Act of 1965, Pharmacy Council Regulations and Medical Device Regulations from SAPHRA are not returnable once used or ownership has transferred to the customer as the quality of goods can not be guaranteed.

In terms of s56 (read with s55) of the CPA, all VitalAire goods sold to consumers have a standard manufacturing warranty in that:
– Goods are reasonably suitable for the purpose that they are intended to be used for,
– Goods are of good quality, free of defects and in good working order, and,
– Goods will be durable and usable for a reasonable period of time.
– A product is not defective, and the customer will not be entitled to any, replacement refund or credit under the general warranty if:
  – The faults/damage are a result of normal wear and tear;
  – The damage arising from incorrect usage or storage of the product;
  – Product performance or results discrepancy is a result of user error or user not consistently adhering to correct testing procedures.
  -The product has been tampered with, dismantled and re-assembled it.
– If the product is found NOT to be defective and is commercially acceptable, or where user error is the reason for results discrepancy, the customer will not be entitled to a replacement.
– The decision to replace the goods for a customer remains at the discretion of VitalAire Diabetes
– VitalAire Diabetes is only liable according to the manufacturing warranty of our products. Ensure to verify the warranty period of your products upon your initial purchase.

The customer must contact the Customer Tech Support Department as soon as they experience an issue/ event for troubleshooting assistance.
Product complaints must be reported within 10 days from the day of the issue occurs.
Customers must provide the company with all required information related to their product and the alleged product event:
– Product Serial Number
– Product LOT Number
– Product Name and Generation
– Product Start Date and Event of Issue Date
Any additional information required by Customer Tech Support as per Tandem and Dexcom Complaint Procedures.
Specific product warranties and warranted replacements will be applied as per the policies of the original manufacturer and as evaluated by the Customer Tech Support Team and the original manufacturer.


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Online Customer Tech Support Request Form
Medicines and Substance-Related Act of 1965
Pharmacy Council Regulations